Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Riding To Reach Ministries. The purpose of this website is not only to help people familiarize themselves with this ministry and what we do, but more importantly, it's our hope that it will allow us to reach people we have not been able to reach before.

With that, it's our desire that this site will inform, equip, and minister in some way to those who may or may not ride motorcycles, as well as to those that may or may not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

In addition, this website is set up not only to easily access information about this ministry, but to provide additional information and resources for you. So take your time and have fun with all of the things this site has to offer. It's our hope and desire that your visit with us is not only informative, but enjoyable and inspirational as well.

- Have A Great Ride -

What Is Riding To Reach Ministries?

Riding To Reach Ministries is a Christ-centered, interdenominational, nonprofit, motorcycle ministry. We operate under the authority and covering of Iron Horse Ministries (Iron Horse Ministries is a 501c3 organization). God's special purpose for this ever-growing ministry is to serve anywhere in the world - 'Building Bridges To Christ'.

What Is The Mission of Riding To Reach Ministries

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To quietly minister with unconditional love and integrity, to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in the motorcycling community - no matter where they are, what kind of bike they ride, or who they may ride with.

    We do this by developing one-on-one relationships - just like Jesus has done with us. His desire for Riding To Reach Ministries is to share and to show the love of Christ in such a way, that it will cause the riders to want for themselves, what they see Him doing in and through us. In addition, He also desires for us to put a copy of His Word (the Bible) in the hand of every rider we minister to.

  2. To help create awareness within the worldwide Christian community of the many needs and opportunities there are to minister to those that ride motorcycles.

    This is done in part by bringing presentations and/or seminars by request, to churches and other groups, in order to help shatter the myths about bikers and to help them to better understand the 'biker culture' in their area.

    As a result, many people are able to see for themselves, that not everyone that rides motorcycles are associated with a certain club or group and they don't all ride a certain kind or brand of motorcycle. More importantly, they come to realize that they too, can reach out to this misunderstood and often feared segment of society.

  3. To help build a network of "biker-friendly" churches across this great nation and around the world.

    God's purpose for this is: 1) To help unify the body of Christ (the Church); 2) To help make it possible for a rider in need (Christian or not) to connect with a Christ-centered, Bible believing church body in their area that will embrace them as they are and minister to them and their families - no strings attached, no questions asked; and 3) To help make sure that anyone that has asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins, to come into their heart, and be their personal Lord and Savior will be able to find a church in their area that will accept them, minister to them, and disciple them - so that none will fall through the cracks.

To God Be The Glory

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